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Règles du TTT
Breaking of any of these rules will lead to a reasoned response from staff. If you believe that the reason for your punishment was not valid, speak to the staff member in question, a higher ranking member of staff and if you believe that the response from the staff member was unfair make a forum report here.

[size=large]Trouble in Terrorist Town


In the TTT game mode, there are three separate teams, these are [color=#33cc33]innocents
traitors (1 per 4 players) and detectives (1 per 8 players). The innocents have to stay alive, whilst assisting the detectives in identifying any traitors. The detectives and innocents have to identify and kill all the traitors or survive until the time runs out. Fifteen seconds into the round you will be assigned a role, which is both shown in the top-right hand corner and in chat.

A common method of discovering whether someone is a traitor or not is to buy a taser via /menu or /shop and then tasing them, it will do no damage but display in chat what role they have. Many other items can be bought using /menu or /shop such as healthshots or, if you're a traitor, guns and explosives to help you to kill all of the innocents. A more in-depth guide can be found here.

  • KOS - Kill on Sight (Someone has been proven to be a traitor and may be killed).

  • RDM - Random Death Match (A kill with no valid reason).

  • Prop Blocking - Hindering a players movement with a prop.

  • Ghost/Ghosting - Giving away information to players who are alive while you are dead.

  • Team/Teaming - Assisting the T's as I/D, or the other way round. Assisting could be: Not shooting the T when you know they're it, assisting the T in doing damage to players, etc.

  • Camping - Staying in the same area for more than 20 seconds without killing anyone, constantly camping in the same area for many rounds will result in punishment.

  • LOS - LOS means the Line of sight (In the instance of "LOS rule applies" it means that a player must have line of sight on the player to do the action).

  • Pressing buttons that kill people is the same as killing them - so if you kill someone you shouldn't it's RDM
General Rules
  • Observe all general CLWO rules, which can be found here.

  • Any action done outside of the game (i.e. name change) to gain advantage in the gamemode is not allowed

  • Do not ghost, even if the information you're giving out is false.

  • Do not team, this means assisting the other team deliberately

  • Do not use glitches, such as prop surfing or prop launching (Exceptions made on some maps and certain areas of desperados).

  • Do not spam items in game, such as doors.

  • Camping is not allowed in the game.

  • Your name must be pronounceable.

  • Always be honest towards staff.

  • Do not spam voice/text/admin chat.

  • If your microphone is bad do not use it.

  • If a staff member tells you to/not to do something, you do so.

  • Any behaviour that damages the player experience of others is not allowed.

  • Use common sense for the rules, our rules can't cover everything that might happen. (if you are lacking common sense [spoiler:a lot of you do] you can message staff members)
Rules for all roles
  • If there are two people who are not proven, they are not allowed to KOS each other.

  • KOSing, giving t-bait warnings and high susing players before the round has started is not allowed

  • If a player does not say "KOS (Kill on sight) <name>", "<name> is KOS>" or "<name> KOS" then it is not KOS, do not ask if it is

  • Minigames like S4S, no-scope fights and knife fights are banned outside of 1v1s (All other bodies IDed) and other custom gamemodes

  • Traitor testers do not prove anything on any map
Innocent / Detective Rules
  • Do not kill or damage people without reason, including using props. 

  • You are not allowed to KOS someone based on location, weapon, sound or skin which can be found on princess maps (Exception for sound rule applies for jihad bomb sound which is active when it's about to explode).

  • Only call a "kill on sight" on a player if you see them do something under the Traitorous acts list. LOS rule applies

  • Deductions of who the Traitor is can only be done using facts

  • Do not perform anything under the Traitorous acts list or the Traitor baiting list to elicit a reaction from Innocents.

  • Some acts of T-baiting are considered trolling behavior and could result in a ban.

  • If you see someone doing something listed under the "Traitor Baiting" section, you may warn them to stop (You need to say their name) and if they don't after 3 warnings (time between each warning is 3 seconds however this is not strictly enforced and is under staff discretion) you may kill them. LOS rule applies

  • As the detective can never be a traitor, killing them is forbidden (Unless it is in self-defense).

  • Players can protect themselves without repercussions in the event of being attacked; these acts do not make them a Traitor nor KOSable.

  • You may not "turn the other way" or deliberately assist Traitors in any way (i.e. giving them credits). This is known at teaming.

  • You are not allowed to KOS a traitor twice or KOS a dead traitor to become proven.

  • If you are Innocent, do not use DNA Scanner info to KOS someone, unless you know the role of the bodies being IDed.

  • Tasing a KOSed player will revoke the KOS if they're Innocent

  • Tases automatically KOS the player if they are Traitor, these cannot be revoked and they only prove the player who tased them, others cannot be proven by KOSing them

  • Repeats of KOS's are allowed, but must be done by saying "<name> was KOSed", "<name> has been KOSed" or other forms of past tense KOS's

  • Only the Detective can make global proves (By saying "<name> is proven"), as an innocent you can only prove someone for yourself and not others

  • Simply shooting at or being shot by the Traitor does not make you proven
Traitor rules
  • Do not damage or kill other Traitors

  • Do not reveal another Traitor, through speech or action (i.e. tasing them).

  • As a Traitor you cannot KOS other people under any circumstance.
Detective Rules
  • Detectives can order players to freeze for a short period of time with the intention of that person being tased. Players who do not follow these orders after 3 warnings may be killed. (Agreed upon amount of time between each warning is 3 seconds but this is not strictly enforced, under staff discretion). This is the only command they can give. LOS rules apply.

  • Detective must have a zeus and must zeus a player if they tell them to freeze

  • To KOS someone using the DNA Scanner Detectives must DNA scan two Innocents bodies or one Detectives body to KOS someone.
Traitorous Acts
  • LOS rules apply to KOSing someone for doing these actions

  • Killing, damaging, or shooting around another player within a reasonable distance unprovoked(i.e. Hear the sound effect of the bullet wizzing past your head)

  • Stabbing a knife around another player.

  • Throwing damaging grenades towards another player.

  • Exploding an explosive barrel which is in proximity of a player to do damage.

  • Using traitor items.

  • Traitor Items include:
    • Breach charge
    • Superpunch
    • One hit knife
    • Heavy Suit
    • Ninja poison
  • Throwing a bumpmine at a player
  • Prop blocking someone in range of a map trap.
  • Hiding unidentified bodies or health stations. Hiding in this case means in a unreachable spot or somewhere behind props.
  • Destroying or disabling health stations.
  • Teleporting (You must be certain that they didn't get teleported by staff, or used a map teleport to kill them).
  • Switching postions with a Detective proven Innocent or dead body via the random teleporter item
  • Not killing another player who is known to be a traitor (it must be beyond reasonable doubt that they knew they were with a traitor).
  • Saying that you are a traitor or you're the or talking about your traitor buddies.
  • Admitting to have done a traitorous action within the current round is KOSable
  • Saying "I killed many people" is KOSable, people imply Innocent
  • Responding to a question can make you KOSabled/KOSed (i.e. "Are you traitor?" "Yes I am" | "Have you killed an innocents?" "Yes I have")
  • A response has to be clear to that specific question and you cannot bait out people (i.e. Asking are you innocent, then quickly are you traitor hoping they'd say yes to the first question is not allowed)
  • Responses imply it was done in the current round, unless stated otherwise
[*]Non-KOSable Actions
  • Holding traitor weapons is not a reason to KOS someone.
  • Throwing a bumpmine to jump somewhere
  • Entering a traitor room that is accessible by innocents or being in proximity to a traitor trap is not a reason to KOS someone.
  • Opening a traitor only door
  • Pressing a traitor only button
  • Activating a trap is not a reason to KOS someone
  • Following you is not a reason to KOS someone
  • Admitting to have killed a Detective or Innocent in self defence
[*]Traitor Baiting
  • Shootingno-scoping or throwing damaging grenades randomly. This type of T-baiting is considered trolling
  • Not listening to detective telling you to freeze.
  • Blocking someone with objects or preventing someone from entering or exiting an area (This is more commonly known as Propblocking and warnings are given as such).
  • Not IDing dead bodies (You must let the person know where the body is and tell them to ID it to give the warning for T-baiting. Both players must have LOS on the bodies to be able to give warnings)
  • Only the player closest to the body can be given T-bait warnings
  • Damaging health stations

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